The blog refers to a page that lists blog entries in an intro-type layout.

Blog page example

In Joomla, the traditional way to create a blog page is by using the Category Blog menu item type 

This will subsequently give you a series of different layout options which can be effective enough to create a nice-looking blog page.

Since this KB article is about building a blog with both Joomla and YooThemePRO, we're going to look at different layout options you can apply to the above reference Joomla Blog Category page using the YooThemePRO. 

Simply head into the YooThemePRO blog settings found in YooThemePRO/Template/Layout/Blog 

Another interesting way to build a blog page is through the use of YooThemePRO elements and their dynamic data retrieval concept. This allows the use of a full YooThemePRO builder page rather than being limited to a Joomla editor page. To achieve this, simply create a regular Joomla article and edit this page using the YooThemePRO builder, you can add any YooThemePRO multi-item element in this page to build/retrieve different blog entry data into the element in order to mimic the out-of-the-box blog page.  

Example using YTP elements to generate a blog page



The blog entry implies the actual blog content (all of it).

 Blog entry example

You can of course use the standard Joomla article fields to compose your blog entry all while using the standard cover image intro field and other basic meta fields. In doing so, the generated read more link in the blog page should link to an adequately generated blog entry page.

Again, since this is an article about how to use YooThemePRO to optimize the layout of the blog and blog entry pages, we're going to look at how the blog entry itself can also take advantage of YooThemePRO's wonderful content elements.

A key consideration when using YooThemePRO as a blog entry generator is what data goes into what fields. Our experience shows that it is necessary to create a custom field using Joomla's field management interface in order to have what is referred to as a "teaser" or "intro" content; the content that is usually displayed on the blog page as an overview of the blog entry (usually before the read more link).


With a custom field for the blog intro content, everything other fields used to manage content for a blog entry can be used to create YooThemePRO based blog entries. This also means you can go ahead and use the YTP builder to generate the content (body) of the blog with all/any of the layouts and elements offered by YooThemePRO.

Using templates to render blog entries

A great advantage of using YooThemePRO to render blog entries is the YooThemePRO template concept which implies you can create a layout template bound to article categories or tags (or other identifiers) which will fetch data in a consistent manner for each blog within the defined criteria.

YooThemePRO Templates are powered/combined with YooThemePRO's dynamic content concept. To achieve this; head into the YooThemePRO template management interface and create a new template to apply on your choice of blog category or tag set.

From then on, you will need to head into an existing blog entry assigned to the establish criteria and only then will you see a YooThemePRO builder icon appear next to the template name enabling the edition of those specific blog entries.

Once in edit mode, you will recognize the dynamic data elements that will retreive the relatvie data into the blog entry template